Tattoo Camouflage with Natural Cover


Camouflaging Dark Under-Eye Circles with Natural Cover


Skin Challenge: Birthmarks

Many of us have some type of noticeable birthmark, and three out of every 1,000 people are born with a port-wine stain — a birthmark resembling wine splashed on the skin. Though these marks often look pink early on, they tend to get darker with age, turning reddish purple or dark red over time. Port-wine stains can be found anywhere on the body, but are most commonly on the face. Most women with Port Wine birthmarks don’t want to simply tone it down. They want complete coverage.

Fortunately, Port Wine birthmarks (as well as other types of birthmarks) are no problem for Natural Cover Cream.

  • Apply enough product for complete coverage and consider adding our Rose Beige Natural Cover Cream or our Rose Cream Tint to give you a more natural appearance.
  • To achieve the ultimate natural look, apply Natural Cover Cream as your all-over foundation. Then, use a concealer or foundation brush to layer your foundation directly on the birthmark itself, as well as around the edges.
  • Press our Performing Powder into your Natural Cover Cream until it is completely absorbed. This step will give your makeup extra staying power.
  • Apply the rest of your makeup and go about your day with confidence!
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