Tattoo Camouflage with Natural Cover


Camouflaging Dark Under-Eye Circles with Natural Cover


General Questions

Is Natural Cover Cream waterproof?

Natural Cover Cream alone is not waterproof. The magic is in the Performing Powder! Once you have evenly applied Performing Powder to the entire Natural Cover Cream surface, it is 100% waterproof.

Will Natural Cover Cream fill in acne scars?

Natural Cover Cream is not formulated to fill in deep, pitted scarring. It may make them less noticeable by evening out any discolorations that may also occur.

Will Natural Cover Cream cover wrinkles?

No makeup can cover wrinkles. In fact, most foundations tend to accentuate wrinkles. It's usually best to apply foundation very lightly over wrinkled skin so that it doesn't collect in the wrinkles and make them more noticeable. Because Natural Cover Cream is opaque and very concentrated, you can use a small amount to achieve great coverage. Therefore, you may find that using a very light application of Natural Cover Cream will give you the coverage you need without accentuating the wrinkles.

Is Natural Cover Cream hypoallergenic?

Natural Cover Cream is hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

Does Natural Cover Cream contain a sunscreen?

Natural Cover Cream does not contain any chemical sunscreens. It does contain titanium dioxide which gives Natural Cover Cream its opacity and acts as a physical barrier between the sun and your skin. A heavier application of Natural Cover Cream will offer more potential protection than lighter applications. For absolute protection, it's best to apply a sunscreen about 15 minutes before you apply your foundation.

My skin looks dry and cakey when I apply foundation - even when I use a moisturizer. What's wrong?

No matter how good your foundation is, it won't look good on skin that is in poor condition. First, your skin must be very clean. Second, you must exfoliate. The buildup of dead, dry skin cells causes your makeup to look cakey. Exfoliation is the answer! If you don't have a daily skin conditioning routine in place, start today!

Why does my kit contain so many shades? I only need one.

If you are ordering Natural Cover for the first time, we provide you with a selection of shades within your skin tone range so that you can choose the shade that perfectly matches your own - even when it changes from season to season. Once you determine the perfect shades, you can reorder those shades individually.

I'm trying to conceal a discoloration and I'm not getting the coverage I need. What can I do?

First apply an even base layer of Natural Cover Cream, blending it on evenly using your fingers or a sponge. Then go back and lightly pat and dab on more Natural Cover Cream in the areas that you need more coverage. Keep applying Natural Cover Cream in thin layers until you achieve the coverage you desire.

I've got dark circles and nothing I've tried seems to conceal them completely. Will Natural Cover Cream work for me?

When you are trying to conceal dark circles, it's best to use a foundation shade that's slightly rosier than your regular foundation shade. For example, if you usually wear fair beige, try using fair rose beige in the undereye area. Dab on Natural Cover Cream with your fingertip and avoid stretching the delicate skin as you blend it out using your finger or a makeup sponge. Then apply Performing Powder to waterproof and set the foundation. If your undereye area is wrinkled, you might want to eliminate the powder since it may accentuate the wrinkles.

I don't have anything major wrong with my skin, I just want to use a good foundation. Will Natural Cover Cream work for me?

Linda Seidel developed Natural Cover to help her clients with more serious concerns like scars, birthmarks, vitiligo and hyperpigmentation. However, she soon discovered her regular salon clientele wanted those same qualities in their foundation too. So, if you want a makeup that perfectly matches your skin tone, looks and feels natural, lasts all day and is 100% waterproof, then Natural Cover Cream was created just for you!

I am interested in selling Natural Cover Cream. Do you have any information on how I can?

Yes. If you are a licensed professional makeup artist or aesthetician, salon owner or medical practice, call our Sales Representative at 1-800-752-0066 to discuss our Distributor Program.