Tattoo Camouflage with Natural Cover


Camouflaging Dark Under-Eye Circles with Natural Cover


Skin Challenge: Tattoos

Although you may love your tattoo, there may come a time when you just want to conceal it.

The most challenging tattoos to conceal are those containing black pigment on people with very light skin. Even if your tattoo is black, the darker the skin tone, the less contrast and, therefore, the easier it is to cover.

But whether you’re light or dark skinned, our Natural Cover Cream/Performing Powder combo is the way to go when it’s time to temporarily hide your tattoo!

Here’s what to do:
  • Select a Natural Cover Cream foundation that matches the skin surrounding your tattoo. If your tattoo is on your arm and you have a tan line from wearing short sleeves, simply gradually darken or lighten the shade by mixing in a darker or lighter Natural Cover Cream color as you move up or down your arm.
  • Place a pea-size drop of Natural Cover Cream on the back of your hand and warm it by rubbing it in a small circle with your finger.
  • Begin by dabbing a small amount of the warmed Natural Cover Cream directly onto your tattoo, blending out into the surrounding skin in a thin, even layer.
  • Layer a little more Natural Cover Cream directly over the tattoo, dabbing lightly. You can also use a concealing brush to place your Natural Cover Cream exactly where you want it.
  • If you notice that your Natural Cover Cream begins to look too light or too flat with additional layers, consider adding one of our rose beige Natural Cover Cream shades or our Cream Tint in Rose. This will add a bit of color and also help cancel out any black pigment that’s still showing through.
  • Once you have the desired coverage, press our Performing Powder onto the concealed area with the puff until the powder is absorbed. Make sure to use more Performing Powder than you would on your face, and remove any excess with a brush.
  • Finally, spritz your now covered tattoo with a little water and pat dry for the most natural look. Thanks to our Natural Cover Cream’s and Performing Powder’s staying power, your tattoo is now not only covered, it’s waterproof.

We suggest you do a trial run a week or so before you actually need to conceal your tattoo. If you notice any makeup on your clothes, you can purchase a sealer or fixative at the drug store, making that your final step in the process. Linda Seidel Cosmetics will be coming out with its own sealer soon, but, in the meantime, the Ben Nye brand is our fav.

Watch a video of Linda disguising a tattoo
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