Tattoo Camouflage with Natural Cover


Camouflaging Dark Under-Eye Circles with Natural Cover


Skin Challenge: Burns

According to 2012 estimates, there approximately 450,000 people who’ve been severely burned and disfigured in the U.S. alone. Many burn survivors find it not only challenging to feel good about themselves, but also experience additional psychological distress thanks to insensitive comments, questions and stares.

That’s why treatment for a burn injury goes beyond healing the physical wounds alone — and why the amazing results achieved with Natural Cover Cream in concealing the discoloration caused by burns has been life changing for so many women, men and children. In fact, Natural Cover Cream is used to help burn patients better cope through the many reconstructive surgeries that often follow a burn injury.

Specifically, skin grafts and varying burn depths result in inconsistent texture and color, and Natural Cover Cream is able to create the uniform color that gives the illusion of a smoother service.

Here’s how to best achieve the desired effect:
  • Start with a light moisturizer because scar tissue is pore-less and, therefore, can’t absorb extra moisture. You want your skin to feel moisturized, but not greasy.
  • You have the option of concealing just an area or using Natural Cover Cream as your overall foundation. If you have scarring on your face and neck then you can match your shade to an area of normal skin or to create a whole new complexion. If you want to spot cover only, then choose a shade that matches the skin surrounding the area you are concealing.
  • Once you achieve the coverage you desire with your Natural Cover Cream, try using our Cream Tint as your blush. Using short deliberate, dabbing strokes apply the Cream Tint along your cheekbones at an angle, blending as you go. The Cream Tint is the perfect solution for women who have uneven texture, because it melts onto your skin, rather than skipping over uneven areas. Use our Cream Tint Chart to find your shade.
  • Finish with our Performing Powder by dusting it lightly and evenly with a soft power brush until your skin feels dry to the touch.
  • You are now ready to complete your makeup application.

If you’re missing eyebrows, have an uneven lip line or any other asymmetrical feature, you may want to schedule a session with Linda at her studio in Owings Mills, MD. In one session, you will learn all the techniques you need to know. The important thing to remember is that there is a solution — and we’re here for you.

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