Tattoo Camouflage with Natural Cover


Camouflaging Dark Under-Eye Circles with Natural Cover


How to Apply Natural Cover Cream

Skin Tone Matching

To find your best shade when using Natural Cover Cream as an all over foundation, apply along your jaw line and match to your neck area. When using Natural Cover Cream to spot cover a specific skin concern, match the skin surrounding the area you want to conceal.

Skin Tone Instructions

Skin Preparation

To achieve optimum results, your skin should be exfoliated and moisturized before applying Natural Cover Cream. When you are ready to apply your makeup start with a moisturizer and immediately follow with one pump of Perfecting Primer. The combination of these two products create the ideal base for your Natural Cover Cream application. Don’t let your face dry. While your skin is moist and silky, apply your Natural Cover Cream. Using this method, your makeup will glide on like a liquid.

If you are blending two shades together, use the back of your hand as your palette. Dot Natural Cover Cream on your skin and blend evenly with your fingertip. A sponge will absorb too much of your makeup.

Full Coverage and Concealing

Prepare your skin as described above.

Try letting your primer dry before applying your makeup. This will prevent Natural Cover Cream from going on too sheer. Use the amount that gives you the coverage you desire, but if you are concealing something specific, keep layering until you’re satisfied. You can use a camouflage or foundation brush to apply additional product where needed.

TIP: For extra coverage, dust the area lightly with your powder and then add another thin layer of Natural Cover Cream exactly where you want it using a brush.

Spot Concealing
  • Natural Cover Cream can also be used as a spot cover for problem areas. This technique is ideal for men, children and women who want to camouflage specific areas, but who do not want to cover their entire face.
  • Select the shade that matches the skin next to the area you want to cover. Dab a tiny amount of Natural Cover Cream on the area to conceal. Then blend the Natural Cover Cream out and into the surrounding skin. You can achieve extra coverage by layering more Natural Cover Cream on the spot you are concealing. Use a camouflage brush for optimum application.
Performing Powder

Performing Powder, pressed or loose, is the secret to Natural Cover Cream’s long-lasting, water-resistant performance. Dust Performing Powder over your face evenly with a powder brush until your skin feels dry to the touch.

TIP: Performing Powder can also be pressed into your skin using the puff. This technique gives your Natural Cover Cream even more staying power. Use the pressing technique for challenging areas and the dusting technique for the rest of your face.

Our Natural Cover Powder Color Chart will help you select the right shade of powder for you.

Want a little extra color? Try a darker shade of powder. For example, if the Natural Cover Powder Color Chart calls for medium, try the light brown or golden brown instead. For lighter skin tones, Reddish Brown #6 is also great as a bronzer.

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