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Camouflaging Dark Under-Eye Circles with Natural Cover


Skin Challenge: Scars, Skin Grafts, Bruises

Certain scars and bruises are the result of procedures undergone voluntarily to improve appearance, such as a face-lift. Others are reminders of past injuries, illnesses or other surgeries. With rare exceptions, both types of scars eventually fade. However, they never become totally invisible — at least not without help.

Natural Cover Cream can make your scars and/or bruises disappear from view whenever you wish, whether you need special coverage for just a few weeks or for a lifetime. Better still, because it’s a foundation and concealer in one, you don’t have purchase a separate concealer. Note that we don’t want to say it’s all you need because they need the powder too.

Here are a few tips for concealing all types of scars and bruises:
  • Condition your skin with moisturizer/sunscreen and then use Perfecting Primer to create smooth surface.
  • Even if you generally use an olive or beige shade of Natural Cover Cream, you will need a fair or medium rose beige to conceal and neutralize bruising.
  • Women of color with brown skin tones will need light or medium bronze.
  • Always apply a thin layer to start, then go back and add additional layers, blending with your fingertip, if needed.
  • A concealer brush works also wells for layering Natural Cover Cream on smaller areas, and a foundation brush can be helpful for larger areas.
  • As your scars and/or bruises fade, simply use less Naturual Cover. Then, once all discoloration is gone, you can go back to applying your makeup as sheer as you like it.
What about skin grafts?

Skin grafts are often used after serious injuries in which some of the body's skin is damaged. Because skin is taken from another part of the body, it will result in a different color and texture. Even though certain procedures can minimize the appearance of a skin graft by smoothing out the edges, the color difference will remain — and that’s where Natural Cover Cream comes in.

When skin appears even in color, you get the illusion of a smoother surface, and because Natural Cover Cream adheres to all types of scar tissue, it’s easy to achieve the look you want:

  • If you wear Natural Cover Cream as your all-over foundation, match the color to your neck. If you are using Natural Cover Cream to blend in the grafted area, match the color to the skin next to your graft.
  • Use Natural Cover Cream anywhere on your body (as long as it’s not rubbing against clothing).
  • Always follow Natural Cover Cream with Performing Powder, pressing in until it feels dry to the touch. The Powder will create a matte finish and help your Natural Cover Cream stay in place.
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